5 Websites that Pay your Mathematical Skills

Do you have a knack for mathematics but are unsure of how to put it to use? It looks like we might have the perfect opportunity for you, so ditch the worries. Making money online is very possible if you are good with numbers.

After finishing college, those with strong mathematical abilities often find themselves with fewer job opportunities. You can choose to teach at elementary schools, junior colleges, or universities. As a researcher, you can even contribute to the creation of groundbreaking new models at a scientific institution. The luck of some is not so good. In order to secure a job that meets their financial needs, they will need to pursue more expertise.

You can make a living with just a computer and an internet connection if you follow the steps outlined in this book. With your math skills, you may truly earn $20 to $30 per hour.

Read on to find out the specifics.

Get Paid to Use Your Math Skills on These 5 Sites

Whether you’re good at arithmetic or not, you can make some extra cash on these websites and apps:

If you are an expert in mathematics and would like to help students online, is a great place to do it. You are expected to respond to student inquiries when they arise as a high school math specialist. If you want your students to fully grasp your responses, you may need to provide them with extensive explanations.
It’s okay to make mistakes; that’s normal. A group of reviewers is available to assist you. Before your work is handed out to the pupils, it is nearly always reviewed.

You should have exceptional skills in geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and other school-level mathematics. To submit an application for the position, all you need is a computer that is connected to the internet.

The payments are processed promptly every two months. The dependability of is not in question because they are an established and respected business.


Fave math instruction? With Preply, you can start an interesting online math tutoring business. It seems easy, doesn’t it? Depending on your qualifications, you can find teaching positions that pay up to $50 per hour.
Finding and applying for tutoring jobs is a breeze. The process is simple: just make a profile for yourself as a tutor on their site and apply for the positions that interest you. Finding such opportunities is as easy as perusing a list and submitting a brief proposal.
The average weekly income for a tutor is about $500. You can easily complete the arithmetic if you work regularly. Depending on your schedule, you have the freedom to set your own work hours.

You can easily make up to $500 each week working the regular number of hours, as described earlier. You can pay via Skrill, PayPal, or Payoneer.


Upwork is a name that everyone in the freelance business has probably heard of. At the moment, it’s the most widely used platform for freelancers around the globe. Similar to how Upwork provides freelancing opportunities in nearly every sector of the IT economy, it also provides online jobs for mathematicians. Surprising as it may seem, they maintain a massive database of such positions and update it daily.
Create a profile on Upwork and describe your math skills and experience in great detail if you’re looking for math jobs. It’s also fine if you’re a recent college grad seeking employment.
After you’ve gone through the profile verification process, you can begin applying for employment by submitting a proposal outlining your services in brief. Your bid determines whether you win the job or not.

Your potential earnings are directly proportional to the client’s willingness to pay. You can always see the salary rate next to a job posting, so you can plan accordingly. Paypal, Payoneer, and Bank Transfer are some of the payment gateways they use. Which country you call home is truly irrelevant.

Math Cash App

Here we have the most entertaining method yet for making money off of your mathematical prowess. Solving arithmetic problems is a legitimate way to make money. You’re going to be utterly amazed by how it functions. Playing against other players in a game involving mathematical expressions can earn you money.
A math cash duel is what you can expect to encounter as a player. There are twenty sets of mathematical equations that you must solve in sixty seconds. By answering those expressions as quickly as possible, you can outsmart your opponents. This race’s points will be awarded to the winner. If geeks could win real money playing this game, it would be ideal.

No matter when you want, you can simply turn your points into cash. You may get your hands on the cash by using PayPal. There is no cost to participate in the games.

You can teach math to kids all around the world and make a consistent living doing it on There isn’t a more intuitive tutoring service than this one. This platform is easy enough for everyone to utilize.
Make a profile for yourself as an instructor and choose your own hours. A math competence test and a teaching test will be administered, though. Despite the difficulty, the payoff is worth it when you get in. offers support for the following math and science subjects: algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability, and calculus.

Yup pays its tutors every month. We accept payments through direct deposit and PayPal.


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