10 Online Marketplaces for Graphic Designs

Graphic design encompasses a wide range of practices and media, making it an extremely adaptable discipline. Anyone who creates visual content, whether it be logos, illustrations, digital art, typography, or anything else, can be considered a graphic designer. Opportunities for employment and personal expression in the field of graphic design are practically limitless. What if graphic designers could make money online by selling their work?

These days, visual communication is integral to our daily lives. Information can be more effectively conveyed through visual content, which captivates and engages viewers. This might take many forms, including ads, infographics, magazines, videos, and more.

Some Ideas for Making Money Online with Your Graphic Design Skills

The aforementioned breadth of the graphic design industry bodes well for potential internet income generators. A graphic designer is essential in every field, including advertising, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance. If a company wants to succeed and attract customers, graphic design is an absolute must.

One perk of being a graphic designer is the ability to work remotely. A decent computer and an abundance of brilliant ideas are all that’s required. Here are ten online marketplaces where graphic designers can make a living.


Designers can monetize their digital art and assets on this website, which serves as an eCommerce platform. On this platform, graphic designers can sell their assets to clients online through an online store.

You can make money here easily. You will be charged a small fee by the company whenever your product sells. Their pricing is tiered, so the more you sell, the lower your fees will be.
Those who donate to the cause can choose between two payment methods: Direct Deposit or PayPal.


In this regard, Canva naturally ranks first. To assist first-time users in creating original designs, we are the most popular and user-friendly graphic design platform. Canva is a platform that allows amateur designers to create stunning graphic designs using a variety of design assets, both free and paid.

Joining Cava’s contributor programme allows graphic designers to sell design assets such as photos, illustrations, stickers, and graphics. Your submitted designs will be evaluated before being added to the platform for usage.

Every time someone pays to download your assets and uses them in their design, you, the contributor, earn royalties.

The three main payment processors used by Canva are PayPal, Skrill, and Payoneer.


Among the many online resources for both free and paid graphics, Freepik ranks high. By graphic designers, for graphic designers is the website they’ve created.

You have the opportunity to join Freepik’s contributor programme alongside the company’s in-house graphic designers. Users of FreePik are able to submit any image with the Golden Crown icon.

On Freepik, contributors have the option to select between two different payment systems. A pay-per-download model comes first. How many downloads and subscribers there are each month determine this figure.

The RPI method is the second one. Returns Per Page (RPI) is a metric that measures how much money you make from each image download. Your income grows in direct proportion to the RPI.

Contributors can receive their payments from Freepik via PayPal and Payoneer.

Envato Elements

When it comes to digital art and assets, Envato Elements is among the largest libraries available. Among the many things they offer for sale are videos, fonts, overlays, illustrations, and much more besides.

To begin selling digital goods online, sign up for an Envato account. The Envato dashboard provides access to a wide variety of tools. The FAQ page provides more information.
You can get your royalties from Envato by using PayPal, Payoneer, or SWIFT.


Independent artists can sell their digital art and earn money on Redbubble, the biggest online marketplace for their creations. The website’s print-on-demand products feature artwork submitted by artists from all over the world.

To become an online vendor, you need only make a profile and begin adding your designs to various products. When someone buys a product that features your artwork, you get a cut of the sale.

The platform is responsible for producing all of the goods with your artwork. They take care of everything else, including shipping orders to clients, freeing you up to concentrate on design.

Redbubble accepts a wide variety of payment methods, including major credit cards, prepaid debit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Payments.


As a freelance graphic designer, you can sell your digital artwork to clients online through 99Designs. Logos, paintings, web graphics, and more are all up for grabs for graphic designers.

Graphic designers can make a decent living here with relative ease. You can earn in two ways. There are two main options: either work directly with clients or enter a design contest with the chance to win money. Payoneer, Skrill, and PayPal are the three payment gateways that 99designs currently supports.


Among the many digital assets and templates available on Templatemonster are fonts, icons, vectors, Photoshop files, and more! It’s also a great place to buy and sell themes for WordPress and online stores.

Submitting an application is a breeze. All authors need to do is upload their work, choose their own prices, and then their works are ready to be purchased after they have been reviewed. For all graphic designs, the company offers a 65% commission.
Templatemonster uses Wire, PayPal, and Payoneer to pay its writers.


You can also sell your digital designs online through Shutterstock, another popular and creative platform.
You can sell digital assets like photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos by joining their contributor programme if you’re a digital artist. Whenever someone downloads your work, you get paid.

As a digital designer, your work is licenced, so every customer who buys your work is actually buying a licence. You, the contributor, will receive a portion of the licence fee paid by the customer.
Skill, Payoneer, or PayPal are the payment methods used by Shutterstock to its contributors.

Creative Market

Graphic designers can find a lot of useful resources on Creative Market, where they can sell logos, templates, and other web designs.

People can start their own stores and sell their own designs to make money. Becoming a shop owner gives you the freedom to design your own products, make changes whenever you want, and watch them go live instantly.
Creative Market uses PayPal and bank deposits to pay its designers. When digital assets are sold, designers receive 70% of the proceeds, while the remaining 30% goes to the creative market.


One such crowdsourcing platform for visual artists is DesignCrowd. A common way for graphic designers to make money is to enter contests where clients can win digital assets like logos.
The designers that work with DesignCrowd are paid using Skill, PayPal, and Payoneer.


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