5 Websites that Pay to build a Graphic Design Career

Freelancers and IT workers alike have taken an interest in graphic design as a career path. With undivided attention, a career in graphic design can be built. Being consistent is crucial. Before you start applying for jobs, it’s a good idea to get a degree or take a course in graphics.

The potential in this field is drawing an increasing number of people to join it. If you have what it takes, freelancing can be a great fit for this line of work. Graphic designers are in high demand by a wide variety of businesses and online platforms. On top of that, they make a pretty penny. For graphic designers looking to make some extra cash online, we have compiled a list of the top 5 websites.

Websites for Graphic Designers

If you are looking for a freelance graphic design job, these are some of the greatest websites out there:


Graphic and website designers are the primary target audience of Awesomeweb, a freelance website. The organisation, which began operations in 2014, provides opportunities for entry-level designers to get experience and enhance their portfolios. This is a great chance for you to advance in your graphic design profession. You must register before proceeding to choose your abilities and submit your graphic designs. People will start contacting you through direct messaging once your profile is visible to the public. Remember that before going public for clients to hire, every account is evaluated for quality control.

There are no hidden fees or percentages taken out of your money by AwesomeWeb when you hire a freelancer. On the other hand, maintaining your account with the organisation does cost $27 each month. One great thing is that the organisation will refund your money if you don’t receive any clients for that particular month. Clients pay freelancers directly, and they determine their own pricing. A payment gateway of each party’s choosing is agreed upon. You may get additional details on their website.


One such fantastic platform where independent designers can sell their wares is 99designs. Since its introduction in 2008, the website has grown into a leading platform for selling designs, with a total of over $200 million in sold designs. Freelancing as a designer begins with making your profile public; from there, you may search for design contests that pique your interest and enter them. Submitting designs to contests and communicating with clients is a great way to develop your customer base and portfolio. Keep in mind that there is a monthly cap of 10 contests that entry-level designers can enter.

99designs uses PayPal and Payoneer to pay its designers. The funds from every contest that a designer wins are sent directly to their account. A minimum payout of $25 is available upon request.


Print designs such as brochures, logos, business cards, menus, and more can be found on Inkd, an online marketplace. The company has been around since 2009 and presently offers over 2,000 unique design templates. Designers can showcase their designs and templates for sale in this online marketplace by creating storefronts after signing up. Designers can easily follow these steps: choose the product type (e.g., brochure), download a template to ensure adequate standards, and then upload the file after designing. Reviewers will evaluate the design for quality after you upload it, and after they approve, the design will be available for sale on the internet.
The designers make money by taking on commissions. A 20% commission is yours to keep if a customer purchases one of your designs or templates. Prices for these designs range from $39 to $99 apiece. Both PayPal and bank checks are used to pay the designers employed by the company.


When it comes to logos, 48hourslogo is a one-stop shop. Since its launch in 2010, the company’s growth has been phenomenal, and it now boasts 40,000 clients and over 3 million logos. Only experienced graphic artists should use this site. A strong portfolio is essential for any graphic designer looking to advance in their career. This is how it works: whenever a client requests a logo, a logo design contest is launched. Logos need to be submitted within 48 hours of the contest’s launch for designers to be considered. The customer will be presented with multiple options for designs within that time frame.

Typically, the client specifies a price range of $99 to $300 for the logo. You will receive the prize money if your design is selected by the client. Companies use Stripe and PayPal to pay their designers.

Creative Market

If you’re a graphic designer looking to sell logos, templates, and other web designs, you should check out Creative Market. Users can start their own online stores and sell their own designs to make money. Becoming a shop owner gives you the freedom to design your own products, make changes whenever you want, and watch them go live instantly. The fact that selling your designs on other websites won’t get you penalised is one of the best things about this platform.

Designers have complete control over their rates and can make changes as needed with Creative Marketing. Seventy percent of the proceeds will go to the designers. Bank Deposit and PayPal are the methods through which Creative Market pays its designers.


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