Websites for Graphic Designers for Free 3D Illustrations

Graphic designers in the ever-changing field rely on 3D graphics as a vital tool for making visually appealing templates. This hand-picked collection of ten free websites that provide 3D graphics and illustrations is your ticket to releasing your limitless creativity, whether you’re an expert trying to breathe new life into an old website or simply a graphics student.

The best part about these sites is that you can use and download most of the content for free. Of course, premium content is an option, but free resources are sufficient for the majority of users.

Our hand-picked websites for free graphic and illustration downloads are as follows:


If you’re a graphic designer, you should definitely check out this site. Whether you work in digital marketing or user interface/user experience development, Undraw has everything you need to let your creativity shine. This website has everything you could possibly need for your next project, with thousands of images, fonts, and icons at your fingertips. The most exciting aspect? It won’t cost you a dime!


Incorporate Freepik’s many images and templates into your designs to make eye-catching layouts. Additionally, you have access to stock videos that can be used to enhance your designs and make them more captivating. You can access most of these features with a free account, but premium images and videos, along with unlimited downloads, are available for a small monthly subscription fee of 9 EUR.

3D Warehouse

You can find a large variety of 3D models on this other fantastic website. Finding a basic mesh of what you need is easy, and then you can add your own special features to make it fit your needs. Instead of spending hours upon hours painstakingly building detailed models from beginning, you can just use this.


In search of a way to up the ante in your video game? A terrifying prehistoric beast would be a great addition. If you’re looking for a large variety of 3D animal models to use in your project, TurboSquid is a fantastic resource. It gives graphic designers free access to a library of millions of top-notch animal models through the stock photo company Shutterstock. Turbosquid has every animal imaginable, perfect for adding to games, animations, or even just making your layouts look more realistic!


The name gives it away: Free3D is a gold mine for graphic designers interested in 3D graphics. Whether you’re interested in architecture, aircraft, anatomy, or any other field, you’ll find breathtaking 3D models on this website! Graphic designers can’t do their jobs without Free3D, whether they’re making video games or creating technical models for simulation.


You can find a large variety of high-quality 3D models on this fantastic website. Make your graphic design projects come to life by including eye-catching details. You can easily incorporate Archive3D’s models into your project. When compared to starting from scratch with model design, this will be a huge time saver. Archive3D is an essential tool for any graphic designer, whether they’re working on a game or graphic model.


One place to find and sell 3D models is on CGTrader, an online community. No matter what kind of project you’re working on, from architectural models to video game characters, CGTrader has what you need! Everything from vehicles and aircraft to greenery and furnishings. If you can’t discover what you’re searching for among the many free options, you can always employ a skilled graphic designer to create it for you!


There is a free and extensive collection of adorable illustrations and 3D models on this awesome website! Whether you’re working on a website, marketing campaign, or video game, there’s a template out there for it. You can also make AI-generated artwork with PixCap’s neat AI stylist feature.


An easy-to-use bundle including millions of 3D models, animations, and editing and manipulation tools is what you get with IconScout. Pick out a model or icon that suits your needs, give it some character or use the presets to make it your own, add it to your project, and then sit back and enjoy the transformation. For the best of both worlds, IconScout is compatible with a wide range of apps and plugins, including Adobe, Figma, and Microsoft Office.


To take their work to the next level, graphic designers need to be proficient in 3D graphics. Get creative and make jaw-dropping layouts with these 9 online resources for free 3D models!


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