5 Websites to Make Money Online by Typing

Making money Typing online is a great way to make extra money on the side that doesn’t take much thought. The most basic skill that anyone with a computer can learn is how to type. You can learn it the fastest because the more you do it, the better you get at it.

It’s just a matter of being consistent. This guide will show you how to make a living typing if you think you’re good at it and enjoy it.

Take an online typing test to find out how fast you can type if you’re not sure. For these kinds of jobs, you’ll usually have to fill out forms, type up papers, and turn audio recordings into text.

You only need a computer with a good Internet link to do these typing jobs. Okay, that’s it. There is no hard-to-understand software or hardware.

5 websites where you can find typing jobs online

Your typing skills can get you paid on these 5 sites:


2Captcha makes it easy for people to make money online. People who answer CAPTCHA for the company get paid. Jobs that require you to type a CAPTCHA are the easiest ones you can find. One bad thing is that you don’t get paid nearly as much as other jobs.
How much money you make depends on how many CAPTCHAs you can solve. As a general rule, people who solve captchas make only 20 to 80 cents an hour. It’s not much, but it’s good to spend money.

It’s pretty easy to work on this website. Just make an account and make sure it’s real. After that, click “Start work,” and the system will begin to show you a number of pictures with text on them. Users will only need to put the information into the forms that are given to them. It’s really that simple!

Having the freedom to choose when you work is the best thing about this job. Users can set their own hours and work whenever they want because jobs are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That’s the best thing that could happen, right?

Bitcoin, Payza, WebMoney, PerfectMoney, and AdvCash are all ways that 2CAPTCHA pays its users. You can take out your money as soon as your earnings hit $0.5. is the best website for freelancers because it has over 900 different types of jobs. More than 30 million people use the online site.
The way it works is that a client posts a job on the site with specifics. Each worker puts in an offer, and the client picks the freelancer they want to hire. The client checks your work and pays you when it’s done. has a lot of typing jobs that you can do online, which is great news. Making a freelance account is all you need to do to start looking for jobs. You might want to apply for these typing jobs as a freelancer.

Freelancer uses a number of different payment methods to pay its employees, such as PayPal, Express Withdrawal, Skrill, Payoneer, and International Wire.


Rev is a transcribing service that also offers captioning and international subtitles. Captioning movies on YouTube, transcribing audio files, and other similar tasks can all lead to users earning money! Working with Rev is the perfect option for you if you are fluent with English and have fast typing skills.

The most appealing aspect of working for Rev is the constant availability of job openings. Hundreds of projects are added every single day. You can always choose to caption short films instead of transcribing if that’s not your thing. Fortunately, you are not bound to any particular timetable and are free to put in as much or as little time as you see fit.

Rev uses PayPal to pay its users. Each audio or video minute might earn a freelancer anything from $0.36 to $0.75. They make their payments every week.


Freelancers and employers from all across the globe can find each other on Upwork. The platform facilitates connections between businesses in need of freelance workers and those willing to accept a flat rate or payment per hour for their services. You can find a variety of online jobs, including typing, on Upwork.

There are various typing-related occupations; copy-typing is one of them. To master copy typing, one must be able to swiftly type passages taken from any source. There are a lot of job openings for this kind of work on Upwork.
Upwork is a platform where employers may offer copy-typing jobs and freelancers can bid on them. This is the ideal spot to begin if you have lightning-fast typing skills. To view available online typing jobs, click here.

Upwork uses payment processors, including PayPal, Payoneer, and bank transfers, to pay its freelancers.


This is an online service called TranscribeMe that turns audio and video files into text. People get paid to type audio files into writing. TranscribeMe is a good way to make extra money on the side if you are looking for part-time work.

You need to make a login before you can start. To sign up, click here. You have to pass a test to make sure you know the work before you can start. After that, you can look for different kinds of typing jobs. Don’t forget that you need to speak English well to apply here.

People who use TranscribeMe get paid through PayPal. About $20 an hour is what they pay.


To get the most out of one’s typing abilities, these websites provide the finest possible experience. If you’re looking for the fastest and most accurate typers, you can find one on some of these sites. If you want to get these typing jobs online, you better be fast and proficient. There has never been a more fierce rivalry.


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