Discover 10 apps that offer $10–$50 for each Video Game Test

Good news for you if you’re a huge gamer and are seeking for a side hustle: video game firms are always on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals like you to evaluate their wares. What this implies is that you can make money while testing new video games before they’re released to the public.

Gamers may make some additional cash while having fun by testing video games. Participating in pre-release games gives you the chance to experience them, provide feedback on how they’re refined, and connect with other gamers and developers. Here are ten websites that pay people to test video games; use them if you need some more money.

Platforms for Playing Video Games


If you’re looking for more sites like FreeCash to earn money by testing apps and games and doing surveys, you should definitely check them out. You may make a staggering $120 playing games, with earnings ranging from $0.50 to that much. Up to $75 can be yours for testing out other apps. To acquire coins, all you have to do is complete an offer that you find on the earn page.

You can withdraw the coins in USD or another cryptocurrency. Payouts on FreeCash are among the highest when compared to similar applications. In addition, it has received nothing but praise from customers, so why hesitate?

This is a fantastic platform for gamers to test out upcoming titles and work with creators to improve them before they release to the public. The process is straightforward: sign up with, receive a project, finish the game, and then give feedback.

You will get experience points for every game you test. The odds of earning better projects and GTGold points increase as your point total rises. You can withdraw GTGold, the platform’s currency, to your bank account or digital wallet.


More than 100,000 individuals receive testing invites from PlayTestCloud monthly. Just play the game and give us your thoughts if you get one. A brief survey and play test will get you about $9. The duration of the playtest and the amount of tasks you are able to complete determine the exact amount.

To get paid to test video games on PlayTestCloud, just sign up and complete a qualification test so you may be considered for future playtests.


Another great website that brings together game makers and fans is GameRound, where they may work together to create better games and win prizes. You can earn G.points for every game you test and find to be playable. You may buy cool gaming stuff and other delights with them at the G.point store.

In order to calculate your score in GameRound, you must adhere to certain rules. If you are one of the first 500 people who download and play the game for a minimum of 30 minutes, then you’ll gain 5 points. Get 15 points for finishing a review on top, and 25 points for the first 30 people whose reviews are chosen by the game studio.


Antidote is another wonderful platform if you’re looking to earn money to test video games. Downloading and playing the game is required of testers. In addition to reporting issues, you’ll need to rate the overall experience.

For each game you test, you will gain experience points and antidote points that you can redeem for gaming goodies like as Steam gift cards and merch. To be selected for a project, you have to meet the mentioned standards and then you’re ready to go!


You may earn money by beta testing games and apps on BetaFamily, as the name implies. The going rate for a test is anywhere from $5 to $20. The precise amount of money you will earn and your overall rating are determined by BetaFamily’s incentive system. Your test report’s comments will be analysed by this algorithm. You will be given more challenging assignments as your rating rises.


Earn money by testing mobile and web apps with TesterWork. Your compensation for each test will be proportional to your time investment or the quantity of bugs you detect. How much the project’s author is willing to charge is the determining factor.

Simply register, complete the online assessment, and then wait for a project to be assigned. The project creator specifies the exact payment for each project in the test invitation.


Make some extra cash by taking part in TestBirds’s software, game, or app reviews. Regular usability tests can earn you £15–£20, with additional compensation for each bug you discover. What’s more, when you get invited for a test, you’ll be able to see the exact deadlines, so you can choose to accept or decline the invitation at your own convenience.


Games aren’t the only things you can earn money for testing on TestingTime; you can also test software, electronics, foods, and take part in studies. The amount you earn will be proportional to the time you put into testing and the value of your comments. Meeting in person or via video chat is required for the highest paying projects.

You will receive invitations to projects that match your interests and skills. If you’re interested, we’ll have you take a quick test to see if you’re qualified for the job.


You can earn money by testing video games on Test.IO, which is a fantastic platform. Depending on the user’s device and location, they may receive more than five play test invitations daily. You can easily earn up to $50 if you uncover a lot of high-quality bugs.

You could potentially get paid more if the developers are looking for sophisticated requirements such as a specific device, language, or location, and you are matched.


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