7 Trustworthy Marketplaces to Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Are you curious about the possibility of returning a gift card? The joy of getting a present is universal, but what if the item is completely useless? You might not be very interested in cosmetics, but you have a gift card to a store that sells them. On the other hand, perhaps you’re not a fast food aficionado but have a ton of gift cards from popular stores like Amazon and eBay. Here you can find a list of websites where you can sell your unwanted gift cards and get a decent cash.

Fortunately, we can take advantage of a plethora of internet marketplaces to unload our unused gift cards. The exchange rates offered by these platforms vary. You should therefore verify each one if you wish to get the most money when selling your cards.

List of Seven Online Gift Card Marketplaces

You may get some extra cash by selling your leftover gift cards on these seven fantastic websites!


You may buy and sell video games, gift cards, in-game stuff, and prizes, among other gaming-related items, on the fantastic website GameFlip. You can use GameFlip to find a buyer for your unused gift cards for Steam, PlayStation Network, Xbox, Google Play, or any other platform.

In addition to the 2% digital fee that may be applicable, GameFlip will take an 8% commission fee off of your advertised price.


Discover the incredible value of unused gift cards for restaurants, department stores, entertainment, and more at CardCash! One way to get money is to sell your gift cards directly to a buyer. Another is to trade them in for other, more useful gift cards.

CardCash will charge a commission fee that is roughly 8%.


You may purchase and sell gift cards and other products on BuySellVouchers. If you’re a vendor, you can just put your wares up for sale online and hope that someone finds what they need. You will receive the funds after the buyer has examined and confirmed the product.

Users that sell many gift cards at once can take advantage of the platform’s exclusive deals. You can sell your gift card for a fantastic price and reach more people with their efficient SEO-optimized marketing tool.


CardYard is just one more online marketplace where you can sell your leftover gift cards for a bit of a profit.

Simply input the amount of your gift card into their online pricing calculator to see what it would cost. Once you are satisfied with the price, you can proceed to transmit the card to the company. Once everything is verified, you will receive your payment.


GiftCash is able to accept gift cards from more than 150 different brands. You may receive a monetary refund of up to 92% of the initial purchase price, though this may vary by brand. Gift cards can be worth anywhere from $25 to $2000. Plus, they have a quantity client program that you may use to sell your cards in quantity.


Check out ZealCards if you want to get a decent price on your gift card. You may get a fantastic discount on gift cards from ZealCards, a family-owned business that has been running since 2011. To find out how much money you can make, simply visit their website and input the amount of your gift card.


One such fantastic marketplace that brings together vendors and consumers is BuyBackWorld. On the BuyBackWorld website, you can easily sell your unused gift cards by selecting the merchant and entering the card’s value. There are no surprises when you sell your gift card to BuyBackWorld; if the price is right, they’ll buy it from you. That’s all there is to it.


You can get some more cash by selling gift cards that you haven’t used. You should only look for the most cost-effective and convenient platform. Cut 2–15% off the initial price if you want to attract more clients when you create your own price!


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