Six Websites to List Your Antiques and Collectibles

There is a massive market for antiques and collectibles. More so, given the frequency with which tastes in home decor are shifting, it will only grow in size. People are becoming more conscious of the need to reduce their environmental impact, and one way they are doing this is by purchasing used furniture and home decor.

Do not dispose of that rare Marvel comic from the golden age or that antique light that belonged to your grandma; they are still valuable possessions. Put your antiques and collectibles up for sale on these sites instead, and get some extra cash!

Sites to Buy and Sell Antiques and Collectibles: 6 Online Marketplaces


Here you can find yet another fantastic venue for the sale of your valuable antiques and collectibles. Furniture, paintings, jewelry, and watches are just a few of the many things you can sell. After signing up, posting your stuff for sale, and waiting for a buyer to come along, you’re good to go!

After the 1stDibs team reviews your merchandise, they will take a modest percentage from each sale.


Bringing together vintage aficionados and collectors is the main purpose of this website. Chairish attracts thousands of consumers every month with its extensive inventory of antique furniture and artwork. Even though it mainly features home decor products, you might also be able to sell rare books.

Chairish handles shipping and relocation while taking a 20% to 30% cut on each sale.


You may also make some money online by selling your antiques and treasures on eBay. Your item will definitely catch someone’s eye because eBay has millions of customers every day.

To top it all off, eBay takes a 10%–15% commission and only charges a listing fee after the first 250 items per month, making it a very cost-effective platform for selling antiques.


Etsy is a major platform where creative entrepreneurs and artists can sell their wares. To start selling your antiques and collectibles, all you have to do is open a store and choose your specialty. Plus, there are analytics and promotional tools available to merchants, which can help them track company trends and expand their audience.

When someone buys your item from Etsy, they’ll pay a 6.5% transaction fee on top of the $0.20 listing cost.


When looking to sell antiques, Bonanza is another excellent venue to consider. To increase sales, you might utilize the Bonanza advertising option. The amount you pay will be proportional to the advertising level you choose. On top of that, you can integrate Google Analytics with your online store to gain comprehensive insights into business patterns.

Every purchase on Bonanza is subject to a $0.25 transaction fee in addition to a 3.5–5% ultimate value fee.


Here at RubyLane, we love vintage items! If you own any antique furniture or unusual items, RubyLane is the perfect platform for you to make some money. If you limit your monthly listings to fifteen items or fewer, there will be no monthly fee. However, a sales fee of 9.9 percent will be added to every transaction. Just open a store and begin peddling your wares of antiquity and collectibles!


If you’re looking to make some serious cash selling antiques and collectibles, these are the best platforms to use. Consequently, you should investigate the lower level. One never knows what kind of vintage treasures can be worth a pretty penny!


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