The 7 Finest Side Hustle Games You Can Play Online

There is no better place than the internet. These days, there isn’t much of a skill set required to make money online. Playing games is definitely a part of it. You can find games that actually pay you to play them all. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make money playing certain online games.

It should be noted that earning money through gaming is merely a passive source of income. You won’t get rich doing this, but you will end up with some spending money.

This guide is designed for newcomers who aren’t professional gamers; there are plenty of forums for serious gamers. Anyone looking for a lighthearted way to pass the time will find these games to their liking. Additionally, high-end gaming consoles are not required. You can get everything done as long as your computer or mobile phone has a reliable internet connection.

A Compilation of Money-Making Online Games and Applications


Streaming video games in real time has never been easier than with Twitch. Live video games, music, e-sports, and other forms of creative content are all accessible through the app’s streaming capabilities. Gamers can take advantage of the platform by broadcasting their gameplay to an online audience.

Twitch offers a variety of ways to monetize your content. People will start tuning in to watch you play games once you start streaming them. Your moneymakers are these visitors.

Earnings on Twitch can come from a variety of sources, including paying subscribers, advertisements that play in the background, sponsorships, and user donations. Keep in mind that monetization is contingent upon your following size. You must be persistent and committed if you want to succeed.

You can get your money from Twitch in a few different ways: PayPal, ACH (US only), checks, and wire transfers. To be eligible for a payout, you must accumulate $50 to $100 as a user.


Users can play games and earn rewards with the Tapchamps app, which is used for game testing. In turn, this aids game developers in collecting useful user experience data.

After installing the app and starting to play games, users will be able to start earning. Leveling up is the primary objective of every game. In this way, players can rack up Diamonds and trophies, which can be exchanged for gift cards at a later date. You can always see the total number of Diamonds you’ll earn in a game. Short and entertaining, the games are a blast.

Diamonds, the in-game currency of TapChamps, can be exchanged for various gift cards. Amazon, eBay, Visa, Nintendo, Xbox, and many more gift card networks are now supported by the company.


The Canadian gaming app Mistplay is available for Android devices. As one would expect from a game testing app, it provides access to a variety of games. Players can earn “units” by participating in various games. The more you participate, the more points you’ll earn.

The business will look up your location and give you a list of games to play after you create an account. You will be rewarded with units once you have finished the game and fulfilled all of the requirements. You can trade these Units for real money in the future if you play Mistplay. In addition, we would like you to rate the game you just played.

You can get gift cards for your Mistplay purchases with Units. Three different gift cards are available: Amazon, Best Buy, and Visa Prepaid. Users can earn $40 to $50 per month, on average, depending on their playing habits.


The PlaySpot app is a way to earn rewards just for playing games online. It’s based in the UK. There is a library of free games available in the app. Users can earn money by downloading any game and starting to play. Every time a player plays a game or levels up, PlaySpot gives them coins. So, your coin supply grows in direct proportion to your game play.

Users are paid using coins on PlaySpot. Users can exchange their coins for cash using a variety of methods, including PayPal, gift cards, Google Play, and bank transfers. For every 30 minutes that you play, you can earn around $2. A payout of $20 or more is required.


You can earn some extra cash by using the InboxDollars survey app to finish some quick online tasks. Many different brands, including game developers, rely on the company for feedback on their products. You’re needed for that.

A wide variety of Inboxdollars games and tasks are available to users. A checklist will appear after you create your account. To begin working on the specified task, simply click “do.” You will earn points for each task you complete. You can play a variety of games on InboxDollars and earn points just like any other platform.

The payout range for tasks on InboxDollars is $0.10 to $7. Every task has its own distinct set of earnings. Customers can get their money through GiftCards, PayPal, or regular checks. A successful payout requires a minimum of $30.


You can also earn rewards for playing games online at Bananatic, another fantastic website. The website provides a list of available games once you have registered.

Players must finish an in-game objective or level in order to claim their rewards. After you complete that task, you will be paid by Bananatic in the form of bananas. At a later date, users will be able to exchange them for dollars.

Users receive their payments in Bananatic’s virtual currency, bananas. These can be exchanged for PayPal cash at a later date. Additional payment options include Visa, Amazon Gift Cards, and Steam Wallet Currency.

The nicest part about these apps is that even a complete newbie can make money with them. The one exception is Twitch, where being good at your game is the only guarantee of gaining followers. You shouldn’t rely on these games or apps as your main source of income, but they can certainly supplement your income.


iGameLab is a subsidiary of PanelPolls, a user-paying survey platform that has been around for a while. Users can play games on iGameLab and earn money by giving feedback during beta testing.

Beta versions of games, virtual games, and apps can be tested by users who can then provide feedback. In exchange, for each review, you will receive coins that can be exchanged for real money.

IGameLab pays users on a monthly basis. Your monthly earnings could range from $10 to $15, depending on the games you’re asked to play.


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