Job Opportunities in Online eSports: 6 Sites to Apply

The development of better gaming hardware has contributed to the meteoric rise in popularity of electronic sports (eSports). Additionally, this opens up new possibilities for remote eSports jobs that you can do online.

Competitive video games like Dota2, League of Legends, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike, etc., have attracted a large audience to the eSports industry as of late. It seems like every family has at least one gamer kid who dreams of becoming a pro player.

Those interested in working remotely will find a plethora of opportunities in the eSports sector. Here are some of the most common online job titles:

  • Gaming Analyst
  • Software testing professionals
  • Broadcast Engineer
  • Game tester
  • Esports content writer
  • Social media manager
  • Game developer
  • Graphic designer/artist
  • Commentator

This is merely scratching the surface. To meet the ever-increasing demands of gaming technology, a plethora of new jobs are being created daily. Possessing knowledge in any of the aforementioned areas opens up a world of possibilities.

Sites That Provide Opportunities for Online eSports Jobs

For those looking for remote eSports jobs, here are some of the most well-known platforms and websites:


One of the most well-known places to find remote freelance work is on ZipRecruiter. Employment opportunities in the gaming and eSports industries also have their own section.
Full profile creation is not required to apply for the position. To access the appropriate page, just click the “Apply” button. When it comes to hiring, ZipRecruiter is more akin to a classifieds website.
Subscribing to daily alerts regarding gaming jobs is another option. They will be delivered straight to your inbox.


Recently, HitMarker, a global eSports jobs network, has seen a surge in popularity. It’s a massive gaming industry job board with openings in all sorts of departments.
There are two main categories of employment opportunities: remote and on-premises. There are hundreds of new job postings per day. You can apply for some jobs from anywhere in the world. You have the freedom to choose your own hours and work from the comfort of your own home.
Managers of social media marketing, videographers, designers, integration engineers, quality assurance specialists, and countless more occupations are among the most sought-after.


In the same vein as HitMarker, RektJobs posts hundreds of gaming job openings every single day. Simply creating an account and filling out your profile will do the trick. Rektjobs makes the application process simple.
Applying for jobs is a snap after you set up your profile. A few clicks are all it takes to apply to a listing.
Since it’s a new platform, your chances of getting a job are high!


AngelList is a worldwide resource for finding jobs, investing in startups, and new technology products. In particular, the IT sector offers limitless opportunities for entrepreneurs.
Fortunately, they have a dedicated section for eSports-related online job listings. Both remote and full-time positions are available. Still, only residents of the United States of America are eligible for the majority of the job openings advertised here. However, there are still a lot of remote work opportunities available.


For those seeking employment in the eSports sector, provides a straightforward and easy-to-navigate platform. Although it isn’t a well-known website, it is a treasure trove of information regarding recent opportunities.
In most cases, they compile a list of job openings from various online sources. Just look through the listings and apply for the jobs that sound like a good fit. There is a label that says “full-time,” “part-time,” “casual,” etc., next to each job listing.


One well-known website for finding remote jobs is FlexJobs. Numerous well-known blogs and magazines have approved it. If you are looking for a job in a specific area, you have several options.
There is a monthly subscription fee, which is the only drawback to FlexJobs. For that reason, it was not able to achieve our highest recommendation. Go ahead and spend your spare cash on a job application if you’re willing to wager on your skills.


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